Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot 妮可麗塔瑟可莉塔羅牌(Cups)

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MINOR ARCANA 小阿爾克那 – Cups

小奧秘卡的四套牌組分別代表了日常生活和臨時狀況的各個方面。 一般來說,聖杯是關於情感的,錢幣是關於物質的關注的,權杖是關於行動的,寶劍是關於衝突的。 這些卡的影響可能會相對較快地通過。

The four suits of the Minor Arcana cards represent various aspects of day-to-day life and temporary situations. Generally speaking, Cups are about emotions, Discs about material concerns, Wands about actions, and Swords about conflicts. The in- fluence of these cards may pass relatively quickly.

聖杯王牌 Ace of Cups
聖杯王牌 Ace of Cups

愛必須以自愛開始。 對自己和對別人都一樣善良,愛會改善你的生活。


Love must begin with self-love. Be as kind to yourself as you are to others, and love will in- crease in your life. Key concepts: A loving heart, a gift, compassion

聖杯二Two of Cups
聖杯二Two of Cups

無論戀愛與否,您的靈魂伴侶都近在咫尺。 與志同道合的人具有真正的親和力。


Your soul’s twin is near, whether that relationship is romantic or not. True affinity with a like-minded person is offered. Key concepts: Partnership, new connections, possible romance

聖杯三 Three of Cups
聖杯三 Three of Cups

與朋友分享幸福會成倍增加。 投入您的友誼,並在良好的陪伴中感到歡喜。


Happiness is multiplied when you share it with friends. Dive into your friendships and rejoice in good company. Key concepts: Friendship, playfulness, sharing activities

聖杯四 Four of Cups
聖杯四 Four of Cups

您遮擋了世界的樂趣,並有變得憤世嫉俗的危險。 無聊乏味的生活。


You have shut out the pleasures of the world and are in danger of becoming cynical. There is no excuse for being bored with life. Key concepts: Discontent, isolation, ennui, petty desires

Five of Cups
聖杯五 Five of Cups

您原本以為會讓您開心的事情卻令人失望。 如果問題永遠無法解決,請不要強求。


Something you thought would make you happy has turned out to be a disappointment. Don’t force the issue if it will never work out. Key concepts: Frustration, disappointment, heartache

Six of Cups
聖杯六 Six of Cups



Look into your deepest memories to remember who you are and what makes you hap-ny Let others help you find yourself again. Key concepts: Revisiting the past, childhood memories, forgiveness

聖杯七 Seven of Cups
聖杯七 Seven of Cups

選擇太多會引起混亂。 如果您不確定選擇什麼,請不要選擇。 讓事情安定下來,事情就會變得清晰起來。


Too many choices can cause confusion. If you’re not sure what to choose, don’t choose yet. Let things settle down and it will become clear. Key concepts: Scattered energy, conflicting desires, Surprises

Eight of Wands 1
聖杯八 Eight of Cups

情緒低落會使您無法取得有意義的進步。 不要固守怨恨和痛苦。 放了他們。


Emotional upset is keeping you from making any meaningful progress. Don’t cling to resentments and pain. Set them free. Key concepts: Inner turmoil, depression, clouded vision

Nine of Wands 1 e1589093763892
聖杯九 Nine of Cups

如果您相信,您可以想像的任何歡樂現在都可以成為您的。 讓您的願望得到圓滿實現。 許個願!


Whatever delights you can imagine can be yours now, if you believe. Set your intention to be bliss- fully fulfilled. Make a wish! Key concepts: Material well-being, hopes fulfilled, miracles

Ten of Cups
聖杯十 Ten of Cups

您的盟友和同伴會看到您遇到任何危險。 有了他們的愛心幫助,您就走上了成功和幸福的道路。


Your allies and companions will see you through any dangers. You are on the path of success and happiness, thanks to their loving help.  Key concepts: Future happiness, family and friends, loyalty

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