Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot 妮可麗塔瑟可莉塔羅牌(Discs)

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MINOR ARCANA 小阿爾克那-Discs

小奧秘卡的四套牌組分別代表了日常生活和臨時狀況的各個方面。 一般來說,聖杯是關於情感的,錢幣是關於物質的關注的,權杖是關於行動的,寶劍是關於衝突的。 這些卡的影響可能會相對較快地通過。

The four suits of the Minor Arcana cards represent various aspects of day-to-day life and temporary situations. Generally speaking, Cups are about emotions, Discs about material concerns, Wands about actions, and Swords about conflicts. The in- fluence of these cards may pass relatively quickly.

錢幣王牌 Ace of Discs
錢幣王牌 Ace of Discs

現在只出現了以前想像的東西。 新的項目和可能性正在出現。 利用這段繁榮的時光。


What was only imagined before is now manifesting. New projects and possibilities are emerging. Take advantage of this prosperous time. Key concepts: Gifts, opportunities, potential for success

錢幣二 Two of Pentacles
錢幣二 Two of Discs

很難使多個項目同時成功完成。 如果您有丟棄它們的危險,請考慮暫時保留一些。


It’s hard to keep many projects successfully happening at once. If you are in danger of dropping any of them, consider setting some aside for now. Key concepts: Balance, multitasking, overconfidence

Three of Discs
錢幣三Three of Discs

不要嘗試自己做所有事情。 好的建議就在眼前,其他人可以幫助您做出正確的決定,以致成功。


Don’t try to do everything on your own. Good advice is at hand, and others can help you make the right decisions for success. Key concepts: Collaboration, cooperation, working toward a common goal

錢幣四 Four of Pentacles
錢幣四 Four of Discs

僅僅擁有精美的物品並不會帶來滿足感。 不要將注意力集中在物質收益上,以至於你與生活的真正快樂分離。


Fine possessions alone won’t bring contentment. Don’t focus on material gain to the point where you are separated from life’s true joys. Key concepts: Greed, selfishness, fear of losing security

Five of Discs
錢幣五Five of Discs

孤獨使我們很難看到自己走出黑暗的路。 不要陷入自憐。 向他人尋求指導和鼓勵。


Loneliness makes it hard to see your way out of the darkness. Don’t get stuck in self-pity. Look to others for guidance and encouragement. Key concepts: Detachment from the world, sadness, emotional poverty

Six of Discs
錢幣六Six of Discs

您擁有足夠的資源來共享。 當您將自己的繁榮提供給他人時,您將得到更多的回報空間。


You have more than enough resources to share. When you offer some of your prosperity to others, you will make room for more to return to you. Key concepts: Generosity, charity without pity, kindness

Seven of Discs
錢幣七Seven of Discs

花一些時間來創造自己引以為傲的東西。 卓越需要時間。 耐心堅守您的目標。


Take your time to create something you can be proud of. Excellence takes time. Hold true to your vision of what you will achieve with patience. Key concepts: Attention to detail, planning ahead, perseverance

錢幣八Eight of Discs
錢幣八Eight of Discs

學習新技能和提高現有技能可能需要以身作則的老師的幫助。 尋找這樣的老師或向他人提供您自己的經驗。


Learning new skills and improving existing skills may require the help of a teacher who inspires by example. Find such a teacher or offer your own experience to others. Key concepts: Apprenticeship, training, expanding career skills

Nine of Discs
錢幣九Nine of Discs

簡單的家庭生活樂趣將帶給您最大的滿足感。 找到您的舒適區並在這裡定居,以找到和平與寧靜。


The simple pleasures of home life will give you the greatest satisfaction now. Find your comfort zone and settle there in solitude to find peace and quiet. Key concepts: Contentment in solitude, animal companions, shelter

錢幣十 Ten of Discs
錢幣十 Ten of Discs

您現在可以實現的目標是無限的。 物質繁榮可能會以意想不到的方式出現,特別是在他人的幫助下。


There is no limit to what you can achieve now. Material prosperity may come to you in unexpected ways, especially through the help of others. Key concepts: Breaking through limitations, victory, financial growth

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