Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot 妮可麗塔瑟可莉塔羅牌(MAJOR ARCANA)

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MAJOR ARCANA The Major Arcana cards can represent important events or life lessons and are sometimes consid- ered to tell the story of the soul on its human journey. Pay special attention to these cards when they appear in a reading.

0 愚者 The Fool
0 愚者 The Fool

按照自己的鼓節奏前進。 沒有人能比您自己的內心更好地指導您。


March to the beat of your own drum. No one can guide you better than your own heart. Key concepts: Individuality, beginnings, soul progress

魔術師 The Magician
1 魔術師 The Magician



All the power you need is within you. Seize your own magic and use your will to make changes in your world. Key concepts: Intention, will power, transformation

女祭司 The High Priestess
2 女祭司 The High Priestess



Your wisdom springs from the earth, the stars, and ancient cosmic knowledge. Trust what you know to be true. Key concepts: Wisdom, feminine intuition, ancient mysteries

皇后 The Empress
3 皇后 The Empress



All of Nature is connected and you are part of that whole. Take good care of the earth’s creatures, and receive their love in return. Key concepts: Nurturing, caretaking, earth mother

4 皇帝 The Emperor
4 皇帝 The Emperor



Power is yours to command. Others look to you for leadership. Now is the time to build your empire. Key concepts: Strong role model, civilization, father

教皇 The Hierophant
5 教皇 The Hierophant

確保您的屬靈老師是真實可信的。 超越宗教的陷阱尋求真理。


Make sure your spiritual teachers are authentic and trustworthy. Look beyond the trappings of religion to seek the truth. Key concepts: Dogma, social conventions, tradition

戀人 The Lovers
6 戀人 The Lovers

提供給您的選擇可能會改變一切。 聽您的內心指引。 遵循愛的道路。


A choice is offered to you that could change ev- erything. Listen to your heart’s guidance. Follow the path of love. Key concepts: Sacred or profane love, moral choices, soul mates

戰車 The Chariot
7 戰車 The Chariot

現在是時候前進,把自己的生命掌握在自己手中。 通過果斷行動,您也將幫助他人。


It’s time to move forward, taking the reins of your life in your own hands. By acting decisively now you will also help others. Key concepts: Triumph over adversity, self-determi- nation, possible journeys

8 力量 Strength
8 力量 Strength

注意保持您的道德平衡。 您現在採取的任何行動都會產生後果; 為最高利益行事。


Take care to maintain your ethical balance. Any move you make now will have consequences; act for the highest good. Key concepts: Karma, responsibility in legal matters, honor

隱者 The Hermit
9 隱者 The Hermit

保持沉默一段時間,並排除所有外部影響。 退縮到孤獨,更清楚地看到自己的路。


Be silent for a time and shut out all external influence. Retreat into solitude to see your way more clearly. Key concepts: Wisdom, solitude, a spiritual guide or mentor

10 命運之輪 The Wheel of Fortune
10 命運之輪 The Wheel of Fortune

我們都受命運的左右。 不要為自己的命運而戰。 隨著時間的流逝,情況將有所改善。


We are all at the mercy of fate. Don’t struggle against your destiny. As time passes, the situation will improve. Key concepts: Changes in status, luck, the cycles of time

11.正義 The Justice
11.正義 The Justice

從長遠來看,善意總是戰勝邪惡。 你在打好仗。 相信你的直覺。


Good will always triumph over evil in the long run. You are fighting the good fight. Trust your instincts. Key concepts: Inner goodness, love vanquishing hate

倒吊人The Hanged Man
12 倒吊人 The Hanged Man

暫停懷疑並放下,以一種新的方式看待事物。 擴大意識範圍。


Suspend your disbelief and surrender to a new way of looking at things. Expand the limits of your consciousness. Key concepts: A different point of view, an open mind 

死神 Death
13 死神 Death

必須結束某件事,以便更好的開始。 不要固執己見。 醒來重生。


Something must end so that something better can begin. Do not cling to who you thought you were. Awake reborn. Key concepts: Transformation, release, endings, acceptance of loss

節制 Temperance
14 節制 Temperance

在您的內心中找到塵世與精神的融合。 除非您選擇不受世俗的約束。


Find a blend of the earthly and the spiritual with- in you. You are not bound to mundane matters unless you choose to be. Key concepts: Union, alchemy, the conscious and the unconscious

惡魔 The Devil
15 惡魔 The Devil

這種情況不會帶來任何好處。 讓自己擺脫束縛。 不要被誘惑蒙蔽。


Nothing good can come of this situation. Free yourself from its bondage. Do not be blinded by temptation. Key concepts: Domination, addiction, abusive patterns

高塔 The Tower
16 高塔 The Tower

您構建的結構可能沒有您想像的那麼穩定。 為改變做好準備。 期待意外。


The structures you built may not be as stable as you think. Prepare yourself for change. Expect the unexpected. Key concepts: Sudden and profound change, end of complacency

星星 The Star
17 星星 The Star

宇宙在唱著永恆的希望與美麗之歌。 聆聽並在宇宙中找到自己和諧的地方。


The universe sings its eternal song of hope and beauty. Listen and find your own harmonic place in the cosmos.Key concepts: Universal harmony, inspiration, faith

月亮 The Moon
18 月亮 The Moon

潛意識的深處有許多謎團。 注意您的夢想和想像的領域。


There are many mysteries in the depths of the unconscious.Pay attention to your dreams and the realms of your imagination. Key concepts: Dreams, the nocturnal world, mysticism

太陽 The Sun
19 太陽 The Sun

所有的好事現在都在降臨。 張開雙手接收它們。 甜蜜的幸福是您的追求。


All good things are coming to you now. Open your hands to receive them. Sweet happiness is yours for the taking. Key concepts: Joy, supreme success, health and wealth

審判 Judgement
20 審判 Judgement

您選擇的道路已將您帶到了現在。 解放的關鍵是接受並理解這一點。


The path you have chosen has led you to your present place. The key to liberation is to accept and understand this. Key concepts: Spiritual enlightenment, awakening, peace

世界 The World
21 世界 The World

一切看起來都是完整和完美的,但不要害怕將事情弄亂。 一個新的模式將會出現。


Everything seems complete and perfect just as it is, but don’t be afraid to shake things up. A new pattern will emerge. Key concepts: Completion, wholeness, breaking through

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