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NO.16 Expedition 探險之旅 - ceccoli oracle
NO.16 Expedition 探險之旅

NO.16 Expedition 探險之旅 – ceccoli oracle

意外事件正在等待。離開日常生活,前往一個尚未見過的世界。即使您現在被鎖定,還是該跳出來了。新朋友和新經歷將使您對生活的看法煥然一新。 朝新的方向發展時,您會發現靈感。如果您長期以來一直壓抑著對自由的需求,那麼您可能會對真正按照自己的意願做事感到有點緊張。

Dark(挑戰和警告)不要屈服於衝動和不負責任。 不要跳過您的義務。

Adventure awaits! Put your everyday life in the rearview mirror and head out to uncharted territory. Whatever box you’ve stuffed yourself into, it’s time to break out. New friends and new experiences will freshen your perspective on life. You’ll find inspiration when you strike out in new directions. If you’ve been stifling your need for freedom for a long time, you could feel a bit giddy at the prospect of doing exactly what you want.

Light:Bring back gifts (both tangible and intangible) for your loved ones.
Dark:Don’t give in to impulsiveness and irresponsibility. Don’t skip out on your obligations.

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