22 Plenty – ceccoli oracle

22 Plenty 豐盛 - ceccoli oracle

22 Plenty 豐盛 – ceccoli oracle


感覺不夠時,請同時考慮這兩種含義。不管您的生活有多富裕,如果 您覺得生活“不夠”,那似乎就永遠不夠。您真的需要更多嗎?還不夠嗎?

Light(積極可能性)請滿意您所擁有的。並與那些不幸的人分享 。

The word “plenty” has two meanings. It means having enough abundance that you can share it freely, with happy generosity. And plenty means sufficient-you have all you need and no desire for more. When you feel a lack of plenty, consider both definitions. There is a level of neediness where no no. matter how abundant your life is, it never feels like enough. Do you really need more? Or do you already have plenty?

Light: Be content with what you have and share with those less fortunate.
Dark: Trying to buy happiness only lasts until the newness of the purchase wears off.

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