Seven of Water-Angel Tarot

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Seven of Water-Angel Tarot

Seven of Water-Angel Tarot




You may be faced with a complex decision, and it’s difficult to choose between the options available to you. Do the research necessary, or seek counsel from a mentor.

It’s time to stop procrastinating and get busy! If you’re drawn to a particular cup depicted on this card, its chakra color holds meaning and offers guidance as you’re making your choices. Red means home, money, and security; orange means creativity, addictions, and sexuality; yellow means power and control; green means love and healing; light blue means communication and truth-telling; dark blue means visions and psychic abilities; and purple means spirituality.

Try to focus, and avoid unrealistic expectations.

Additional meanings of this card: Too many options. Confusion. Fantasies. Imagination running wild. Addictions.

Seven of Water-Angel Tarot

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