Queen of Water-Angel Tarot

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Queen of Water-Angel Tarot

Queen of Water-Angel Tarot




Situations: Emotional issues, or relationships with others, evolve to a new level. Even if things aren’t perfect, there’s a sense of peace and calm within you, and you intuitively know what to do next. Your feelings for—and insights about—others can be trusted. Make sure that as you nurture those around you, you don’t forget to also care for yourself.

People: A person of deep but mature emotions, able to sense what others need and lovingly provide it. An intuitive or psychic person who trusts his or her perceptions and uses them to navigate the physical world successfully. Tenderhearted. Empathetic. Patient. Generous. Gentle. Unconditionally accepting of others.

Additional meanings of this card: Patron of the arts. Love for family and home. A dear and reliable friend. Great creative talent.

Queen of Water-Angel Tarot

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