16 Life Experience-Angel Tarot

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Life Experience-Angel Tarot

Life Experience-Angel Tarot

Life Experience的含義:一個重要的生命事件;帶來改變的強大啓示;是時候張開你的翅膀了;自由;解放。突然看到真相。快速,不可避免的變化。時間不多了。

大天使:夏彌爾 CHAMUEL




You drew this card because a recent event has been a wake-up call for you to make some life changes. This may be a new revelation or something you’ve known but have been procrastinating about. Now you’ve realized that this situation can’t be ignored and action is necessary.

This is a moment both of freedom and awakening. The way you see yourself and the world has forever changed, bringing you growth and encouraging you to spread your wings. Allow these new insights to motivate you to embrace the path of your heart’s true desires and intuition.

Additional meanings of this card: Liberation. Suddenly seeing the truth. Rapid, inevitable change. Time running out.

Archangel Chamuel can help you find whatever you’re seeking, including right relationships and a Divinely guided career. Call upon Chamuel and then follow your intuition, which is the way this angel speaks to you.

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