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29 Curiosity 好奇心 - ceccoli oracle

29 Curiosity 好奇心 – ceccoli oracle

有好奇心是一件好事。 這是推動探索和發明的動力。 擴大知識領域的渴望使您充滿熱情並與世界互動。 但是,當您對他人的私人生活充滿好奇時,請考慮一下您是否真正需要了解。 不要尋找您不會面對面詢問的信息。 考慮一下您對過度好奇心所付出的私人自我有多少,並在必要時縮減。

Light(積極可能性)保護您的隱私。 仔細選擇您在公開場合分享的內容。

Healthy curiosity is a good thing. It’s what drives exploration and invention. The desire to expand your sphere of knowledge keeps you enthusiastic and engaged with the world. But when it comes to curiosity about other people’s private lives, consider how much you really need to know. Don’t seek out information that you wouldn’t ask for face to face. Consider how much of your private self you are giving away to the overly curious, and scale back if necessary.

Light:Protect your privacy. Choose carefully what you share in public.
Dark:Don’t poke your nose into things that aren’t your business.

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