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13 Isolation 隔離 - ceccoli oracle

13 Isolation 隔離 – ceccoli oracle

孤獨是生活中寶貴和積極的一部分,而孤獨卻令人生厭。但是孤獨久了,孤獨將會變成一種習慣。 如果您不與他人分享您的想法和感受,它們會在您心中來回迴盪,直到您無法停止它們。 如果您已經明確表示想獨自一人,那麼只有您可以擺脫孤立的模式。 如果需要陪伴,請向你的朋友提出信號。

Light(積極可能性):不必在全然孤獨或與人社交中擇一。 你可以與適合的人打交道。

Solitude is a valuable and positive part of life, but isolation is soul-draining. Taken too far, solitude becomes loneliness, and isolation becomes a habit. If you don’t share your thoughts and feelings with others, they echo back and forth inside you until you can’t turn them off. Only you can break free of the pattern of isolation if you’ve made it clear you want to be left alone. Change the signals you’re sending out if you want companionship.

Light: It doesn’t have to be all or nothing-all solitude or all society. Let the right ones in.
Dark: If you always say no to invitations, people will stop asking you.

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