32 Wish – ceccoli oracle

32 Wish 許願 - ceccoli oracle

32 Wish 許願 – ceccoli oracle




The universe is conspiring in your favor now, and it’s time to make a wish. A big wish. If there’s something you want that you haven’t let yourself believe in, go ahead and believe. Belief is what turns wishes into reality. But do be careful what you wish for. Be specific. Don’t ask for true love if your environment can’t sustain it. Don’t ask for a happy ending if you aren’t prepared to compromise. The process of making your wish will clarify what needs to change in your life to make room for it. And then…poof! Your wish will come true.

Light:You do get more than one wish, but use them wisely.
Dark:If a wish goes awry, take some time to understand it before you wish again.

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