31 Tough Love – ceccoli oracle

31 Tough Love 嚴厲的愛 - ceccoli oracle

31 Tough Love 嚴厲的愛 – ceccoli oracle

對我們有益的事情並不總是那麼美好。 您最近是否曾經遭受過一些嚴厲的愛 ? 記住,最愛我們的人會說出必須告訴的事實。他們相信我們知道這是對我們有利的。 他們真的認為: “這對我的傷害大於對您的傷害”。 因此,感謝他們的鞭策,並把嚴厲的愛銘記在心。下次當您需要這樣對待別人時請記住自己的感受。


Things that are good for us don’t always feel good. Have you been on the receiving end of some tough love lately? Remember, it’s the ones who love us most who will tell the truths that need to be told. They trust that we know it’s for our benefit, even if it stings in the moment. “This hurts me more than it hurts you” is often quite true. So thank them, take your medicine, and take the tough love to heart. Remember how it feels the next time you need to dispense it to someone else.

Light:You’re going to feel ever so much better very soon.
Dark:There’s more toughness than love in this situation. Proceed with caution.

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