30 Victory – ceccoli oracle

30 Victory 勝利 - ceccoli oracle

30 Victory 勝利 – ceccoli oracle

你贏了! 或其他人贏了! 無論哪種方式,衝突都將結束。 如果您是勝利者,則要胸懷寬廣,富有同情心。如果可以的話,與衝突中的人和解。如果您沒有取得勝利,請在失敗時保持風度。 從這一點上以積極的態度前進。 無論哪種方式,請傾聽您天性中更好的天使,無論將來遇到什麼挑戰,您都會變得更加堅強。

Dark: 堤防血腥慾望。無需懲罰任何人。

You’ve won! Or someone else has won! Either way, the conflict is coming to its close. If you are the victor, be magnanimous and merciful. Make peace with former foes if you can. If you were not victorious, be gracious in defeat. Go forward from this point with a positive attitude. Either way, listen to the better angels of your nature, and you’ll be stronger for whatever challenges present themselves in the future.

Light:There is no blame in the situation-everyone involved has acted according to their own conscience.
Dark:Beware of blood lust. There is no need to punish anyone.

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