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27 Compassion 同情心 - ceccoli oracle

27 Compassion 同情心 – ceccoli oracle

如果您受到某人的傷害,您的痛苦和憤怒就是合理的回應。 但是,如果您意識到自己陷在受傷的地方無法動彈,則可以通過充滿同情心來治愈自己的心。 同情不是憐憫,甚至不是寬恕。 這是“惻隱之心”,讓自己站在對方立場並想像他們正在經歷什麼。 即使是最壞的人也應該得到一點點同情。 畢竟,您同樣必須受到相當大的代價才能損害他人。

Light(積極可能性)對某人有同情心根本無關乎他們。 這只是為了尋求自己的和平或舒坦。

If you’ve been harmed by someone, your pain and anger are legitimate responses. But if you find yourself stuck in the wounded place, you can heal your heart by filling it with compassion. Compassion isn’t pity or even forgiveness. It’s “suffering with,” putting yourself in the other person’s shoes and imagining what they are going through. Even the very worst people deserve some modicum of compassion. After all, you have to be pretty damaged to want to damage someone else.

Light:Having compassion for someone isn’t really about them at all. It’s about finding peace for yourself.
Dark:Having compassion for someone doesn’t mean you condone their bad behavior.

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