26 Acceleration – ceccoli oracle

26 Acceleration 加速 - ceccoli oracle

26 Acceleration 加速 – ceccoli oracle

全速前進! 小心行事並儘快行動。 做出決定,擁抱變化。 相信自己的判斷和盟友的判斷。 如果您想做的好,那麼您拖延的時間就會用光。 再拖延只會減少結果。 時機決定一切,時機正確。


Full speed ahead! Throw caution to the winds and move as quickly as you can now. Make decisions, embrace change. Trust your own judgment and the judgment of your allies. Whatever you’ve been procrastinating about is running out of time if you want to do it well. Any more delay will only diminish the outcome. Timing is everything and the timing is right.

Light:You may encounter some obstacles, but you’ll be able to deal with them swiftly.
Dark:Someone may try to trip you up/ Call ahead to clear the path.

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