25 Disquiet – ceccoli oracle

25 Disquiet 焦慮不安 - ceccoli oracle

25 Disquiet 焦慮不安 – ceccoli oracle

您是否有含糊的感覺,認為有些不對勁? 有些人的擔心似乎沒有特定原因? 相信那些不安的感覺。跟隨自己的感覺,特別是如果其他人不斷告訴您一切都很好。 您的直覺是正確的-某些事情是錯誤的,而且比您想像的更接近。 檢查您的工作,您的房屋,健康狀況,人際關係-生活中所有關注的領域。 根據需要進行調整。

Dark(挑戰和警告) 請不要自己貿然地採取行動。

Do you have a vague feeling that something’s not quite right? Some worry that doesn’t seem to have a specific cause? Trust those feelings of disquiet. It’s easy to pooh-pooh them, especially if other people keep telling you everything is fine. Your intuition is correct-something is wrong, and it’s closer than you think. Examine your work, your home, your health, your relationships-all the areas of concern in your life. Make adjustments as needed.

Light:Once you find the obvious problem, the solution will be equally obvious.
Dark:Don’t make any sudden moves.

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