24 Strategy – ceccoli oracle

24 Strategy 策略 - ceccoli oracle

24 Strategy 策略 – ceccoli oracle

是的,這看起來很糟,但不要驚慌。 保持智慧,冷靜評估情況。 您擁有哪些技能可以在這裡有所幫助? 聰明? 隱身? 速度? 您可以使用哪些工具或武器? 分心? 談判? 驚喜元素? 仔細制定最佳的前進方法。 擺脫困境後,請回顧一下它的發展情況,並為下一次計劃做好準備。

Dark(挑戰和警告)與所有人共享戰略並不重要。 保持沉默,直到您準備好採取行動為止。

Yes, this looks bad, but don’t panic. Keep your wits about you and calmly assess the situation. What skills do you have that can be helpful here? Cleverness? Stealth? Speed? What tools or weapons are at your disposal? Distraction? Negotiation? The element of surprise? Carefully strategize the best way to proceed. Once you’ve escaped this predicament, look back at how it developed and plan ahead for next time.

Light:Having a game plan increases your success immensely.
Dark:Strategy doesn’t matter much if you share it with everyone. Keep silent until you’re ready to act.

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