23 Rescue – ceccoli oracle

23 Rescue 救援 - ceccoli oracle

23 Rescue 救援 – ceccoli oracle

救援正在路上! 您可能沒有有意識地要求它,但是儘管如此,宇宙仍在向您提供一些幫助。 如果您一直希望獲得救援,請立即增強該信號,以便它確切地知道在哪裡可以找到您。 讓朋友和家人知道您歡迎他們的參與和想法。 如果您在處理項目或問題時不知所措,請更有能力的人為您提供幫助。 接受人們真誠想要給予的東西並不可恥。


Help is on the way! You may not have consciously called for it, but nevertheless, the universe is sending you some assistance. If you have been hoping for rescue, boost that signal now so it knows exactly where to find you. Let friends and family know you welcome their participation and their ideas. If you are in over your head with a project or problem, let people who are more skilled help you. There’s no shame in accepting what people sincerely want to give.

Light:Pay it forward: who needs your help?
Dark:Beware of pushy interference. Push back as needed.

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