20 Karma – ceccoli oracle

20 Karma 業力 - ceccoli oracle

20 Karma 業力 – ceccoli oracle

還記得你做過的那件事嗎? 您一直感到內疚的那件事? 就像您一直知道的那樣,它又回來了,這次沒有迴避的感覺。 好消息是您有機會清理自己的良心並作出修正。 另一方面,如果您是受委屈的人,並且看到其他人正在得到他們的因果報應,但也不要幸災樂禍。 當然,您很滿意,但這是使您清除疑慮而不是報仇的滿足。

Light(積極可能性)記住命運與厄運並不相同。 從這裡開始,前途一片光明。

Remember that thing you did? That thing you’ve always felt a bit guilty about? It’s come back around, just like you always knew it would, and there’s no avoiding it this time. The good news is that you have an opportunity to clear your conscience and make amends. If, on the other hand, you are the one who was wronged and you see someone else getting their karmic comeuppance, try not to gloat. It’s satisfying, to be sure, but let your satisfaction spring from a sense of restored balance, not vindictiveness.

Light:Remember: fate isn’t the same as doom. The future looks good from here.
Dark:Be brave and face the music.

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