15 The Call – ceccoli oracle

15 The Call 呼喚 - ceccoli oracle

15 The Call 呼喚 – ceccoli oracle

我們每個人都有一個特殊的使命,即“做某事”和“成為某事”。 當然,並不是每個人都注意“天上的聲音”。 您可能已經避免使用它很多年了。 您可能對於創造舒適生活的要求並不高。 或者您可能因為害怕失敗而捨不得嘗試自己的才能。不能拒絕一個真實的呼喚,而且這樣的聲音越來越大。 它可能與您的職業有關,但也可能與您的內心,藝術或其他數百萬種表達您自己的方式中的任何一種有關。


Each person has a special calling, something they were born to do or be. Not everyone heads that call, of course-you may have been avoiding yours for years. You may have created a comfortable life that doesn’t make a lot of demands on you. Or you may be reluctant to try out your talents for fear of failing. A true calling can’t be denied, and yours is getting louder and louder. It might have something to do with your career, but it could just as easily have to do with matters of the heart or the arts or any of a million other ways you express who you are.

Light: A seed of creativity is about to burst into bloom.
Dark: Something you’re already doing needs more dedicated attention.

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