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14 Patronage 贊助 - ceccoli oracle

14 Patronage 贊助 – ceccoli oracle

有些人很難接受他們認為是慈善的東西,讓自尊心受阻。 擁有一個或多個贊助人與接受施捨並不相同。 贊助人說,您的付出必須是寶貴的。幾個世紀以來藝術家一直知道這個道理,如今,眾籌服務為各種創意項目提供了贊助。 改變您對於給予和接受的想法,並尋找支持的來源。 如果您是給予者而不是接受者,請確保您的給予不帶有自尊心。


Some people have a hard time accepting what they view as charity, letting pride get in the way. Having a patron-or more than one!-isn’t the same as taking a handout. Patronage says that what you have to give is valuable. Artists have known this for centuries, and today crowdsourcing offers patronage to creative projects of all kinds. Shift your ideas about giving and taking, and look around for sources of support. If you are the giver rather than the recipient, be sure that your patronage isn’t flavored with condescension.

Light: Be grateful, but don’t grovel.
Dark: Support with a lot of strings attached takes the joy out of it for everyone.

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