8 Motivation – ceccoli oracle

8 Motivation 動機 - ceccoli oracle

8 Motivation 動機 – ceccoli oracle

事情進展得順利嗎? 無論是由於厭倦,無聊還是冷漠,情況都陷入了困境,沒有進展。 考慮一下如何使事情重新發展。 有什麼可以促使您的同事,家人或合作者再次全心全意參與? 您會給自己什麼激勵,使其更有熱情地沖向終點? 鞭策一個瀕臨消失的計畫是沒有任何意義的,但這個計畫可能只需要一點鼓勵就可以了。


Things were going along so well-what happened? Whether it’s from weariness, boredom, or indifference, somehow the situation has become bogged down and no progress is being made. Consider how you can get things moving again. What would motivate your coworkers, family members, or collab- orators to participate wholeheartedly again? What incentive can you give yourself to move toward the finish line with more enthusiasm? There’s no point in flogging a dying enterprise, but this one may just need an encouraging little touch of the whip.

Light: Remind yourself why you got involved in the first place.
Dark: Health issues may be affecting your energy.

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