7 Lamentation – ceccoli oracle

7 Lamentation 感嘆 - ceccoli oracle

7 Lamentation 感嘆 – ceccoli oracle

損壞的東西無法修復。 您之前可能曾經遇到過類似情況,並且能夠修復它們,但是這次有所不同。因為核心的基本已丟失。這可能是一段關係或一個項目的結局或一個長期的希望。不管它是什麼,您都必須像對待死亡一樣處理它的逝去。現在事時候面對你的情緒。哀悼已逝的一切,讓所有的悲傷流淌。

Dark(挑戰和警告):忽略那些想過早為您加油的人。 他們是善意,但他們不明白。

What has broken can’t be mended. You may have been in similar situations before and were able to fix them, but it’s different this time. Something fundamental at the core has been lost. It may be the end of a relationship or a project or a long- held hope. Whatever it is, you must deal with its passing, just as you would with a death. This is not the time for practicalities; it’s all about emotions now. Lament what is gone, and let all your sorrow flow.

Light: Heart healing comes after giving grief its due.
Dark: Ignore those who want to cheer you up too soon. They mean well, but they don’t understand.

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