6 Innocence – ceccoli oracle

6 Innocence 純真 - ceccoli oracle

6 Innocence 純真 – ceccoli oracle

孩子的純真是寶貴的,父母總是不希望過早地推動成人世界的發展 。 但是,純真不只是童年的一部分。 從純真的角度看待世界意味著您假設會發生最好的事情,而不是最壞的事情。善於詮釋的人們。具有諷刺意味的行為不會使您受益。要相信命運總會給你帶來幸福。


A child’s innocence is precious, and parents hope that the roughness of the adult world doesn’t intrude too soon. But innocence isn’t just part of childhood. Approaching the world from an innocent point of view means you assume the best will happen, rather than the worst. We all start out innocent. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Cynicism doesn’t protect you, it just hardens your heart. Stay soft and vulnerable. Believe in the inevitable life-sustaining good.

Light: If you have a decision to make, make it from a place of trust.
Dark: Negativity isn’t cool except to other negative doad.

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