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5 Gossip 八卦 - ceccoli oracle

5 Gossip 八卦 – ceccoli oracle

八卦乍看起來可能像一個平淡無奇或有趣的謠言,但平淡無奇。但是,它很少到此為止。出乎意料的是,有趣的謠言變成惡意的謠言,不可避免地損害了您的聲譽。如果您是閒聊者,它總是會再次咬住您。 一個喜歡聽八卦的人會毫不猶豫地傳遞它。 如果您不尊重他人,就不能期望自己會受到尊重。


Gossip may seem like harmless fun at first, just entertaining tidbits and juicy rumors, but it rarely stops there. Delicious becomes malicious before you know it, and reputations can be damaged beyond repair. If you’re the gossiper, remember that it will always come back to bite you. Remember that a person who enjoys listening to gossip won’t hesitate to pass it along. You can’t expect your own confidences to be respected if you don’t respect others.

Light: Choose your confidants wisely and promise never to betray them.
Dark: If you are the target of gossip, step away from the situation. Do not retaliate.

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