4 Vigilance – ceccoli oracle

4 Vigilance 警惕 - ceccoli oracle

4 Vigilance 警惕 – ceccoli oracle

密切注意情況,但暫時不做任何事情。 以後會有時間採取行動,然後,您需要任何精力。 如果您可以保持冷靜觀察的態度,那麼您將對發生的事情有更好的了解。 這不是一個讓自己受到自己或他人情緒影響的時候。 從瑣碎的爭吵,循環爭論和追逐自己的尾巴的人中脫身。 當您擺脫動蕩的塵埃時,您將更清楚地看到真正的問題是什麼。


Keep an eye on the situation, but don’t do thing just yet. There will be time for action later, and any- your energy will be needed then. You’ll have a better idea of what’s going on if you can maintain an attitude of detached observation. This is not a time to give in to your emotions or be dragged down by other people’s drama. Remove yourself from petty squabbles, circular arguments, and people who are chasing their own tails. When you rise above the dust of turmoil, you’ll see more clearly what the real issues are.

Light:Keep your observations to yourself for the time being.

Dark:There’s no immediate danger, but the situation is changeable.

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