3 Passivity – ceccoli oracle

3 Passivity 被動 - ceccoli oracle

3 Passivity 被動 – ceccoli oracle

可以讓其他人偶爾為您而戰。畢竟,您不可能在所有事情上都做到最好。 但是,請勿放棄了自己的自由意志,以換取安全。將所有問題留給他人意味著您失去了鍛煉自己的能力的機會。

有時候,您會與您的消極念頭或被動做拉扯,渴望獲得更多的獨立。 也許那個時間已經到了?

Dark(挑戰和警告) 隨著時間的流逝,我們將不得不戰鬥。

It’s okay to let others fight your battles for you now and then. You can’t be the best at everything,after all. But don’t surrender your free will to someone else in exchange for security. Letting someone else handle all your problems gives away your power. There will come a time when you struggle against the bonds of passive observation and long for more independence. Perhaps that time has already arrived?

Light: You aren’t helpless in the situation, however tempting it may be to pretend so.

Dark: There’s a fight going on somewhere that will have repercussions for you.

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Ceccoli Oracle

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