1 Denial – ceccoli oracle

1 Denial 拒絕 - ceccoli oracle

1 Denial 拒絕 – ceccoli oracle

世界可能是一個卑鄙,令人恐懼的地方。 有時候,您需要掩蓋所有醜陋的事物,只將注意力轉移到令人愉悅的漂亮事物上,但是您已經走得太遠了。 不要遮住耳朵,否認現實。 當您否認自己的問題並希望它們自己解決時,您可能會陷入危險之中。 如果您拒絕處理,即使是很小的困難也很容易變成真正的混亂。

Light(積極可能性)事情並不像您擔心的那麼糟糕。 不要誇大。
Dark(挑戰和警告)痛苦和恐懼是有用的工具,可以在出現問題時提醒您。 不要忽略他們。

The world can be a mean, scary place. Some. times you need to shut out all the ugliness and only give your attention to pleasant, pretty things, But you’ve taken it too far. Don’t cover your ears and deny reality. When you’re in denial about your problems and hope they go away on their own, you may put yourself in danger. Even a small difficulty can easily become a real mess if you refuse to deal with it.

Light: Things are not nearly as bad as you feared. Don’t exaggerate.

Dark: Pain and fear are helpful tools that alert you when something is wrong. Don’t ignore them.

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