Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot 妮可麗塔瑟可莉塔羅牌(COURT)


在塔羅牌閱讀中,經常使用十六張宮廷卡來代表特定的人,他們正在為您諮詢這些卡。 看宮廷卡的另一種方法是自己的各個方面,這些方面一直在變化。 例如,在一種情況下,您可能像聖杯皇后(無論是男性還是女性),都是出於愛的動機。 在另一個時間,您可能更像寶劍之王,以邏輯和策略來應對局勢。

The sixteen Court cards are often used in tarot readings to represent particular people involved in the matter for which you are consulting the cards. Another way to look at Court cards is as various aspects of yourself, which change all the time. In one situation, for example, you may be like the Queen of Cups (whether you are male or female), who is motivated by love. At another time, you may be more like the King of Swords, approaching the situation with logic and strategy.



Knaves can represent a young person, a student, a new endeavor, a new perspective on an existing situation, or untapped potential. 

Page of Cups
聖杯侍者Knave of Cups

具有天真、夢幻天性的人。 可能在情感上脆弱和過於敏感。

One who has an innocent, dreamy nature. Can be emotionally vulnerable and over-sensitive.

Page of Discs
錢幣侍者Knave of Discs

一位紮根於自然教義的人。 擁有對自然世界的理解。

One who is grounded in the teachings of nature. Possesses an understanding of the natural world.

寶劍侍者 Page of Swords
寶劍侍者 Page of Swords

一個有好奇心的人,總是想知道更多。 需要為好奇心積極的尋找出路。

One who has an inquiring mind, always seeking to know more. Needs positive outlets for curiosity.

Page of Wands
權杖侍者Knave of Wands

正在學習魔法和能量的人。 需要練習來控制意志並弄清混亂。

One who is learning about magic and energy. Needs practice to control the will and make sense of chaos.



Knights can represent undertaking a quest or mission, bringing more action to a situation, competition, or a person who is persuasive and forceful. 

Knight of Cups
聖杯騎士Knight of Cups

一位服從內心命令的人。 毫不猶豫地追求正義事業。

One who obeys the commands of the heart. Does not hesitate in the pursuit of a righteous cause.

錢幣騎士 Knight of Pentacles
錢幣騎士Knight of Discs

反對不公正現象並保護被壓迫者的人。 始終代表弱者和受傷者發聲。

One who fights against injustice and protects the oppressed. Always works on behalf of the weak and wounded.

Knight of Swords
寶劍騎士Knight of Swords

一位沒有適當計劃就趕去的人。 可能因為粗心和魯莽草率而傷害他人。

One who rushes in without adequate planning. May harm others through carelessness and reckless haste.

Knight of Wands
權杖騎士 Knight of Wands

一位尋求冒險和刺激的人。 可以表明有旅行或探索危險環境的願望。

One who seeks adventure and excitement. Can indicate a desire to travel or explore risky environments.



Queens can represent feminine qualities such as compassion, nurturing, clear communication, intuition, and generosity. 

Queen of Cups
聖杯皇后Queen of Cups

一個被愛激勵的人。 可以是通靈的或千里眼的,是對未見之事的尋求者。

One who is motivated by love. Can be psychic or clairvoyant, a seeker of things unseen.

Queen of Discs
錢幣皇后Queen of Discs

一位給予生命中所有甜蜜的人。 慷慨大方,富足財富。

One who gives abundantly of all of life’s sweetness. Generous and motherly, a resource for wealth.

Queen of Swords
寶劍皇后Queen of Swords

一個在幕後揮舞著安靜力量的人。 可能比容易感知到的還要危險。

One who wields quiet power behind the scenes. May be more dangerous than is easily perceived.

Queen of Wands
權杖皇后 Queen of Wands

一個通過美麗和魅力吸引他人的人。 可能過於自信,輕率或自大。

One who attracts others through beauty and charisma. Can be overconfident, frivolous, or arrogant.



Kings can represent masculine qualities such as command, control, assertiveness, building for the future, defense or protection.

King of Cups
聖杯國王 King of Cups

一個控制情緒的人。 知道如何使用關係來完成工作。

One who controls emotions. Knows how to use relationships in order to get things done.

錢幣國王 King of Pentacles
錢幣國王King of Discs

將實用的解決方案和個人力量提供給任何情況的人。 突破障礙獲得成功。

One who brings practical solutions and personal power to any situation. Pushes through barriers to success.

King of Swords
寶劍國王King of Swords

一位在行動前會徹底計劃和製定策略的人。 在任何情況下都具有出色的頭腦。

One who plans and strategies thoroughly before acting. Brings a brilliant mind to any situation.

權杖國王 King of Wands
權杖國王 King of Wands

一個通過領導能力控制任何情況的人。 需要保持對憤怒和衝動的控制。

One who dominates any situation through the force of leadership. Needs to keep control of anger and impulsiveness.

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